• the tale of WONDERKID

I started WONDERKID a while back, I just didn't know it yet, it only took form recently as life pieced itself together. For a long time, I felt a lack of understanding and representation, everyone wanted to be like everyone else, dreams and ideas stopped making it out of the night. So many times have I heard that this is impossible, that I should rather not, that dreams are dreams and reality is reality, smiles of disappointment and disbelief have been my greetings.

See the pattern, make it out, it is not rejection but it is perseverance, never giving up, and showing up the next day, despite the void of hope around. Working day in and day out, as honest to my dream as to my work. Embracing and learning from the downs and celebrating the ups.

WONDERKID is us, I believe that there are more of us than what we see, working in quiet, building their vision, and mastering our craft. We are the ones that exceed any expectation in what we do, the ones that forever will show up, the ones that go the extra mile.

WONDERKID is a physical embodiment of an ideological belief that exists in every fiber of our being, lived with our entire souls and minds, a close arrogance in one's dreams and hunger to see them become reality, because, for us, it has already happened. It starts with one.

Remember, no one gotta believe it but you.

I am here for the culture, I am here for the people.

Are you a WONDERKID?

This is not fast fashion, garments are made for a lifetime of use and style. Designed with care and manufactured in detail, garments are made in limited quantity.

WONDERKID is made to detail, no idea is crazy enough. Made with the highest quality available, always looking to improve and perfect an idea, from the first to the last detail.

sucks to fucking suck